Stealth Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence company with the unique capability to combine hardware and software engineering

We use a multi-disciplinary team of PhD and Masters engineers with deep hardware and software capabilities developing proprietary Computer Vision technologies, a branch of artificial intelligence that uses machine learning to quickly process and analyse visual data from photos or video.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach we are able to construct purpose built solutions in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, automation, and robotics to government and businesses.

Many new AI firms are being established with a software only mindset. Stealth Technologies is pioneering a comprehensive approach by bringing together hardware and software engineering.

Computer Vision

“The last 10 years have been about building a world that is mobile-first. In the next 10 years, we will shift to a world that is AI-first.”

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, October 2016



Stealth is focused on applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to platforms, systems and processes to unlock new value, enabling industries to re-imagine what is possible.

We develop our own technologies and also work in partnership with industry-leading Australian organisations and talent to invent and commercialise intellectual property with high-value potential.



The Stealth group is a multi-disciplinary team of PhD and Masters engineers with deep capabilities in AI, machine learning, big data, automation, computer vision and robotics for both hardware and software.

​Members of the team have won multiple awards at national and international levels, and have a track record of engagement across mining, commercial, government, defence and research industries.

The team is backed by members of Strategic Elements Ltd who have strong commercial expertise in data, analytics, software development and robotics.



The team has very high capabilities to work in areas such as:

  • automation through software and hardware including application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep neural networks,
  • information processing and data analytics including very large or complex data sets,
  • control problems including those requiring robotics or other computer hardware, firmware, embedded systems or software,
  • building interfaces between disparate systems including where reverse engineering of protocols is required,
  • computer vision, audio or speech related problems where object recognition, classification and/or tracking is needed,
  • problems where natural language interfaces with humans are required,
  • tasks requiring computer simulation of automated systems in existing environments,
  • application of mobile robotics and/or robot manipulators to existing environments,
  • electronic, electrical or software problems involving complex or extreme constraints.


Stealth Technologies offers tailor-made solutions to industry on solving specific problems where automation and artificial intelligence can be employed. In particular, Stealth works in partnership to create proof of concepts to demonstrate the technology capability, and de-risk the decision for a company to heavily invest in the new solution.

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