Headquartered in Perth, and proudly Australian, Stealth Technologies develops advanced solutions in autonomous driving and robotic automation.

Stealth Technologies has an experienced in-house team of international award winning PhD and Masters qualified research engineers with deep capabilities across the following disciplines: autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, computer vision and robotics (hardware and software).

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to develop purpose built autonomous vehicles, powered by artificial intelligence, computer vision and purpose built robotics


The business has a number of intellectual property patents registered and under development


Developing and Maintaining Deep R&D Alliances

Stealth Technologies has long standing partnerships with many of the finest universities and technology research bodies in Australia

Continued Technical Thought Leadership

The engineering team at Stealth Technologies has years of extensive experience in:
Autonomous Driving |
Computer vision |
Artificial Intelligence | Robotics


Charles Murphy

Director Corporate Development

Matthew Howard

Director Finance

Elliot Nichols

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technical Officer

Stuart Speidel

Principal Engineer

Travis Povey

Senior Engineer

Professor Thomas Bráunl

Technology Advisor

Craig Brogle, Chao Zhang

UWA Electric Vehicle Collaboration Team


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Research and Advisory Partner Program

Stealth Technologies is currently seeking to establish further research and advisory partnerships and alliances across both government and industry.

Stealth Technologies through its parent company Strategic Elements has a long and successful track record of research collaboration with many of Australia’s finest universities and research bodies.

The goal of this program is to unlock and advance Australian based automation and robotics technologies and apply this to solving real world use cases.

We are actively seeking out research and advisory collaborators in the following technical disciplines:

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Computer Vision
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Data Science

If you are interested in exploring this further please submit your interest below.


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